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You may have known that every person or kid has their own intelligences. Even they can have multiple intelligences. This is what every parent should understand about their children intelligences. There are some methods to know the multiple intelligences of your children. One of them is by knowing and understanding their finger print. Why fingerprints? Fingerprints every person is different from they are children to adult. Therefore, fingerprints have much information about understanding the characters and the intelligence.

First of all, we should know about the fingerprints character of your children. The fingerprints have much information to understand what intelligence of your children has. Once you have understood the character of your children by the information inside the fingerprints, you can understand what intelligence your children have and you can stimulate them with the right methods for their learning. This is the important of understanding the multiple intelligence by fingerprints.

Remember, the earlier you know the learning style for the children, then it will be easier to give the right methods of the learning style where it can be much easier for the children to absorb more information when they are learning. It is such the theory of VAK (Visual Auditory Kinesthetic). This theory says that there is the relationship of the scientific nature with the genetic code from the cells of the brain where it can describe the one’s intelligence potential. This research is done by GovardBidloo in 1865 continued by J.C.A Mayer in 1788 and also John E Purkinje in 1823 many more.

So, it can be said from this theory that the one’s intelligence can be understood through the fingerprints. That is why the parents should understand about the potential intelligence of the children in the early years such when they are start learning of the first lesson before they are going to school. You should know that the children should learn in their learning style so they can learn well and what they learnt can stimulate their intelligence.

For example the children with kinesthetic-visual intelligence will get difficulty in learning while sitting and reading quietly. Although the teacher has told them, they still not get the point of what they are learning. It is different when they are given the right learning style such letting them to express what they want to know and use their body movement to express the explanation. This is why finger print is important to know at the earlier time about the multiple intelligence.

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