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There are some ways to recognize the one’s ability or intelligence. One of them is by DISC profile. What is DISC profile? DISC is the shorten word of Dominant, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. So, here, the one’s personality will be recognizing with these four words where every word above has its own meaning and character. Why you need to know or recognize your intelligence or personality? It is because you will get more survive and understand more about yourself characteristics.

So, DISC profile provides to understand the right potentials accurately, the communication style and also the tendency of personality. This is important for everyone furthermore if you are a manager or teacher who wants to know the character of the employees or your students so you can get the right treatment to do. The personality here will be recognized through those words. Each word can have its own character and meaning where it gives you the right methods for treating.

First is D or Dominant. The person with Dominant character here can take the decision-making in fast. Unfortunately, they sometime the decision is not supported by the adequate data. This may happen to the one that has a less attention from the detail information. They are also less patient. The type of this person will have a high egoism where they will not say other people in the same level with them. For the people with this character, they can be a leader, manager and other the same positions.

Let’s go to I or Influence. In this character the person will be full of confidence. They have the ability to speak in front of other people fluently and confidently. They are able to convince other people to follow what they are talking about. They have the good ability of the communication skills. They also encourage taking the risk and decision. They can be motivator, presenter, negotiator and more.

Third is S or Steadiness. Here the person is more patient than the types of above. They can be a loyal follower in accordance with their interest. They prefer working in the safe atmosphere where there is no change or upheaval. This safe situation can drive them to work optimally. They are right for administration and staffs. The last is C or Compliance. The person with this character always wants the perfection in their personal life and also their business or work. The love the detail, accuracy and patience. They are suitable for supervisor, auditor, finance department and more.

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