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brain gymYou may ask, what is the correlation of brain gym with the multiple intelligence, especially for children? As you know there are about 10 billion of nerve cells in the brain. When you or your children are getting in focus for the longer time, their focus or concentration can be slower because their brain is tired. It can be also caused by stress. Your kids can experience this moment where they are too tired to think but they still want to play. Here is where the gym brain is needed. It can stimulate the children intelligence by fun learning.

This is what you need. The brain gym is good for stimulating their intelligence and also can increase their self-confidence. Even, their creativity can be well explored. This brain gym is good to be done in the morning when the lesson in the class has not yet started or before starting learning and studying the lesson. This exercise can be done by children, kids or even infant. Before started, you need to know that brain is the controller of other organs in the body. When it gets fresh, it can stimulate to other organs.

The movement from the feet and hands can be the way to stimulate the brain. It will increase the cognitive abilities of the children such the speed, concentration, alertness while the learning process. It can stimulate the brain to save memory, solve problem and also creativity. Remember that, the multiple intelligence of the kids is strongly influenced by the genetic factors and stimulate factors. Shortly, by doing the brain gym, the kids will be more enthusiasm and can learn much better.

There are some activities that can be done for the brain gym. First is drinking water. It looks simple but has many benefits. Water is the basic treatment that can stimulate the brain and nerve system. It can make the brain and body get more relax. The children will be readier to learn more. Second is creating figure 8. This is also simple to do. Ask the children to write this number in the air and sure in front of other children. This treatment can be done for 5 minutes. It is better to reduce the sleepiness before studying.

Third is drawing. Ask the children to draw different pictures or forms by right and left hands simultaneously. This gym is good for improving the coordination from the aligning from both sides of their brain. This is also good for their pronunciation and mathematical abilities. Fourth is playing music instruments or singing. This is very good treatment that can be done easily.

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