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Parenting tipsHoward Gardner, an expert of Harvard physiology has the theory called as Multiple Intelligences where it tells the parents to understand the children characteristic to know their ability. Therefore, there is not the word of ‘stupid’ that is titled to one child. It is because he or she may have the certain intelligence where the teachers should know it correctly so they can know the right treatment for her or him. It is not only for the teachers but also for parent. In the world of parenting there are many important things to know.

A famous writer, Daniel Goleman also writes a book called by Emotional Intelligence that can be taught for the children in the earlier time. He said that EQ is also important to be increased and not only for IQ. From the emotional intelligence, it can influence to multiple intelligence just such told by Howard Gardner. First of parenting the children for creating multiple intelligence is self-awareness. This is important for the children to know about their capability and aware from the environment condition.

This can be from the simple thing starting by their daily activities where they need to aware about themselves. Second, it is managing the feeling. Sure, this will work well for the adult but for the children it is also good for them to learn. Children will understand that emotional such anger, happy, or other feelings can be created and managed especially when they look stress because their learning or studying. Here the parents should train them to learn about managing their feeling.

Third, it is empathy. This is also the important parenting tips to do by every parent to know their characteristic of their children. Empathy for children is also important for their life at the future. It is about understanding the feeling of others. By the shorter words, it is about building the good socialization and not individualistic feeling where they will not have any empathy for others. It can be simple such asking them to help you to put something.

The last is self-motivated. Children are the right stage for them to build the motivation as their enthusiasm character. Try to ask your children about what they want when they are getting adult or mature. This will stimulate them to be more understood and have a high motivation to always get up of their problems. They may have problems but they also know how to solve it. Those are the parting tips for multiple intelligence.

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