dermatoglyphics analysis multiple intelligence testFingerprint analysis/test registration procedures include :

1. For individual, fingerprint sample collection process can be carried out at our office. In case of considerable number of participants, we can be invited to your school or location with minimum number of participants determined later.

2. Schedule may be at any time as per collective agreement.

3. The participant’s fingerprint is scanned using fingerprint scanner as illustrated in the figure above. The fingerprint scanning process only takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes per person. Sample collection is simple and the result is not influenced by factors such as bad mood, psychological disorder, illness, nervousness, stress, and many more.

4. Fingerprint sample collection requires neither interview nor written tests. It requires 10 fingerprints only.

5. The maximum analysis result may be obtained at the earliest 1 HOUR or at the latest 72 HOURS depending on our work loads and server connection. The result can be delivered via email in PDF format or printed book to participant’s house with additional delivery cost. After getting report result, you can consult us if you have any question.

6. The followings are to take into account in fingerprints sample collection:

– The fingerprint collection process may be conducted with minimum age of 3 years. It can also be applied for children under three, but depending on the clarity of fingerprint pattern. If too soft, it is usually difficult to take by scanner thus resulting unclear image.

– The fingerprint analysis can only be applied if having 10 fingers which are not heavily damaged on the fingerprints.

– The fingerprint condition to take shall neither be too dry nor too wet. In the event of being too dry, it can be watered with small portion of liquid and in case of being too wet, it can be wiped first.