DMIT Software

We provide web based DMIT Software to generate reports online. Our Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Software consist of some features :

  • Add member and give credits to generate (download) reports.
  • Reports consist of full report, school report, corporate report and music report. Other report can be customized by request.
  • You can analyze customer’s data from ZIP file which generated from our enrollment software. You can also analyze manually if you have your own enrollment software or your own method.
  • Procedures to generate report from ZIP file :
    1. You must upload ZIP file contain customer’s data such as fingerprints image, profile picture etc.
    2. You analyze customer’s data. We give you training for that.
    3. You  download the reports.
  • You can also setup reports pricing for each report type (full report, corporate report, school report and music report).

Watch DMIT Software Demo

DMIT Software Requirements :

  • Standard PC/laptop with Apache, PHP, MySQL (offline mode)
  • Standard webhosting (online mode)
  • Our DMIT software consist of encrypted script with Ion Cube loader and full source code. You can choose which version prefered. Contact us for detail.