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To measure a person’s personality, we use Bird Profile (Eagle, Peacock, Dove, Owl) method or also generally known as the DISC Profile (Dominant, Influential, Steady, Compliant), which is a concept on a human character introduced by Dr. William Marston, developed  in  the  late  1920’s .

In the fingerprints analysis, what is being analyzed is the profile attached in a person genetically. Different from other profile test/assessment that requires a series of questions, the fingerprints analysis does not require questions or interviews due to it only demands for an observance on a person’s fingerprints therefore the results shall not be influenced by a person’s psychological condition, such as mood swings, lies, manipulation of answers and other similar conditions.

A person’s profile can be divided into:

  1. Real Profile” for example “Real Eagle”. It means that a person with this profile has eagle character or a stronger dominance compare to a person who has a character of combination profile.
  1. Combination Profile” such as Eagle-Peacock, Dove-Owl, Dove-Eagle, Owl-Peacock and so on. A person with a character of combination profile has more characters compare to a person with pure profile. For example, a person with a character of Eagle-Peacock will have the characteristics of eagle and peacock within him whereas a person with Real Eagle profile tends to have the characteristics of eagle only and thus his eagle character will be stronger compare to a person with Eagle-Peacock profile.

Combination Profile has “primary and secondary” characters. For instance, a person with “Eagle-Peacock” character means that his primary character is “Eagle” and his secondary character is “Peacock”. A primary character is a person’s main character and a secondary character is other character that enriched the primary character.

There are no good or bad profiles. All profiles have positive and negative characters. Basically, each person has the characters that are contained in each profile, however, in fingerprints analysis, what is being shown is the strongest innate characters, which are genetically attached to him.

A person can also increase one of the profile that is considered less powerful, for example if a person has an Eagle character, such character can be built up by working with or living in an environment surrounded by people with Eagle character or by participating in specific trainings such as motivational, leadership, personality trainings and others.

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