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According to William Sears, MD, children aged under five is already ready to learn manners. They are able to do mentally and emotionally. Learning to share and be polite form the basis of the child’s ability to understand the thoughts of others and also respect their views.

How do I teach this to your child? You can ask him to thank you when his grandmother gave the cake. He would quickly say, “Thank you!” Because you asked him to do so.

At the age of 5 years, then the child begins to develop the ability to associate a “thank you” as a polite response so anyone gives something. This will form a habit to behave in a child’s mind. It would be polite for parents granted his request and to get something to be desired.

In fact, children learn manners of how you act on it. At the age of 2.5 years, for example, he can know that saying the word “please” at his request, he will receive a favorable response and get the things he wants.

In addition, children also learn that being nice will make their lives better future. Just do not expect a child of this age will always be polite to adults or other children. However, the ability of children of this age to be cooperative with other people is very limited. So, you should always accompany and reminded.

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