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Intrapersonal intelligence is the sub-title or the branch of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner, an expert from Harvard physiology who believes that one’s intelligence is not always from their high score on math or other numerical score where it can erase the other intelligences that cannot be done by left-brain. So, for him, everyone is smart and intelligent. It is about the way how they will be educated and trained. There are several ideas of intelligence by Gardner and one of them is about intrapersonal intelligence.

What is intrapersonal intelligence? Sure it is different with the interpersonal intelligence where it relates to other people. So, this intrapersonal intelligence is the opposite of the interpersonal intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence relates to the one’s self. It can be said about the ability in managing and controlling their emotions or feeling correctly. This intelligence is more than just important. From this intelligence one can understand about their ability and capability.

One can become success when they know their potential characters and it can be achieved by this intrapersonal intelligence where they will know the right time to manage their anger, happy and other emotions inside to be well expressed in front of other people. Sure, not all people can do this thing. Therefore it is important to have this intelligence. By this intrapersonal intelligence, you can have the emotional stability, increasing the self-motivation, growing the responsibility and self-esteem.

Then how to develop this intrapersonal intelligence? There are some ideas you can do to develop this intelligence. First of all is about understanding the uniqueness or character of self. This is important to do that everyone has their own ability that other people don’t have. For kids, this is really important for their self-confidence. Second, you can also develop this intelligence by building and appreciating the self-esteem. Here, it can be done by giving the appreciation, rewards and other positive words.

Third, the intrapersonal intelligence can be built from managing and controlling the self-emotions or feeling. You can ask to yourself to be able to manage your feeling. This is also good for kids where they can express their feeling in the right moment and time especially to hold the anger. You can train by becoming more patient. The last is about ambition, hope, dream and expectation. Both the adult people and the children, this character is should be well implemented in their mind that there is a hope, ambition that they are chasing.

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