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It is from the expert Harvard Phycology, Howard Gardner (1993) who told us about the multiple intelligence of everyone that can be developed for being success at the future. So, for them there is no one person who is not smart or intelligent. It is just about how to understand their type of the intelligence then get the right treatment for their learning. For example is the logical mathematical intelligence where the treatments will be much different with the interpersonal intelligence or others.

What is Logical –Mathematical intelligence? It is the intelligence or the ability of one’s self in building the skills by involving the skills of processing the numbers or the proficiency by using the reasoning or logic in the right way. The skills of this intelligence can be about the sensitivity to the logical relations, knowing the causality and other logics. The process that is used in this intelligence is about classification or clustering, making the conclusions and also calculations.

Some of the activities that include this Logical –Mathematical intelligence from kids are such counting the smaller number to the bigger such 1 to 20. They know the simple concept of math such addition and subtraction. They have the ability to recognize a simple mathematical logic such smaller, bigger, a few, a lot and many more. There are also some activities that can develop or increase this Logical –Mathematical intelligence. Even you can train your kids from home.

First is, knows the numbers. As the parents, you should introduce the numbers for the kids since they can recognize the things around them such colors. Number can be learned when they have more vocabularies or when they are start talking. You can introduce the numbers by playing games, singing a song and many more. Second, you can also give them the activity of counting objects. You can play fun games here. The interesting objects can be more interesting for the kids.

Third, you can train the kids by comparing the object. Comparing here can be smaller, bigger, longer, shorter, higher and many more. You can play the games with interesting objects too. For example the ball is bigger, marbles are smaller. Fourth, in addition recognizing and knowing the numbers and size of the objects, it is better too for the kids to know about measuring instrument such thermometer for knowing the temperature of the body, weight scale to know about the weight of the body and many other tools.

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