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As the explanation of the theory of multiple intelligence by Howard Garden, an expert from Harvard who believe that every person is blessed with the intelligence. So, there is the one that is called as ‘stupid’. It is because each person has their own intelligence. One of the intelligence is Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence. This is the intelligence where the children will use their all parts of body in expressing their ideas and feelings to other people. Here, the children will be more active.

Yup, Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence is the intelligence of using the body on delivering the ideas, expressing feelings, and the skills of using hands in creating and modifying one object to other shapes without the same shape as the first object. Here, it is about the physical abilities. For examples are coordination, balance, strength, skills, flexibility, speed and also the ability to receive the sensory stimuli. Here, you will understand that the children will not be able to learn while sitting quietly.

There are some abilities that can indicate your children have this Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence. First, it is about the ability of moving the part of body. It looks easy for many children. But sure, this is the first indication. Second, the children are able to manage their body’s balance. Sometimes, there are children who have the ability to move their part of body but they have the balance especially when they are walking. Third is the ability to manage the body flexibility and the last is ability to keep the health.

There are also some activities that can stimulate the Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence of the children. You are better to have the following ideas for your children. First, it is the sport games. You can try with the games of walk, run, swim, play ball, gym and many more. Those activities can stimulate and develop the strength of the body to stay healthy. Second are move, dance and song. These are also fun activities that your children can do to develop their intelligence.

Third, you can also try to use the soft-motoric games where it doesn’t need more power. It can be such doodling, drawing the shapes of balloons, balls, book and more. It can be also such playing with papers such origami or other small activates where they still move but it will not get wet of the sweat. Sure, the forth is the opposite. It is the game where it needs more power and gets sweat. It can be such bicycling, climbing and many more. Sure, you need to watch them for these hard activities.

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