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Existential intelligence related to understanding on identity or self existence as human which later emerge many questions inside self. Individual having high existence intelligence will also able to place themselves in position in which nearby people and environment respect and consider their self existence.

Characteristics :

1.    Questioning the nature of everything; for what do we live? For what do we die? Why do human born with different fate? Where is God?
2.    Usually self-talk while working.
3.    More calm and control themselves more.
4.    Tend to prioritize religion or norms they believe.

Ways to develop your existential intelligence :

1.    Learn and discuss on process of an event or human creation and nature.
2.    Discuss on every thing occur around us related to humanity, fairness and divinity.
3.    Attend religious spirituality events.
4.    Learn biography of world philosopher.
5.    Follow activity like meditation, soul contemplation so that could achive life wisdom.
6.    Active in events related to social and humanity activity

Possible Career Interests :
Philosopher, pastor, monk, theologian, social humanity observer, spritual advisor, social humanity volunteer and its kind.

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