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disc-profileThere are many ways to determine a person’s personality, one of which is to use the disc. DISC is one of the best ways that is often used by an organization to form a solid team. Solid team should consist of a number of individuals who have different characters and ideas but on each portion. For example, in a team there must be one person who has a high spirit of leadership; it is intended to provide a good leader figure.

People who have the soul of a leader should be separated, because it is not possible when they come together in one team only made matters worse. As we all know a team must be able to work together to achieve a common goal, rather than being ruled from one another. The presence of two people with the soul of a leader in a team will certainly make the team split because each one wants to be heard and obeyed.

So, just one person in a spirited of leader in the team, which in turn is a person with high creativity. This person has contributed to creating creative ideas that will be worked together under the command of the leader. One more person who is not less important is the spirit that has driven and always wants to learn. This man is the feet and hands of the team, when the feet and hands capable of doing what is commanded by the brain then the jobs will go as planned.

Each one with a different character will have a role equally important. A team will not run perfectly when any one of these people who do not work with the maximum. So basically, all have the same role is great, no more weight, all equally so there is no unemployment in the words of a team. DISC role is to know the character of each person who will be joining the team.

With the results of the test disc, company leaders will be easily to form a small team to work on the project of the company. Do not ever underestimate the disc test results, if you ignore the test results and selecting people based only on casual observation, the results still have not been able to count on. Observation of a person’s eyes certainly cannot beat the accuracy of the test results discs, especially when the observations just made ​​a few days.

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