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multiple intelligences - howard gardner

For some people who work in educational field such as teacher, it is important to understand more different type of their student in which multiple intelligences may help them to understand their student. Multiple intelligences is the theory that stated by Howard Gardner. This theory is very different from the traditional view of intelligence. Thus, it helps the educator to understand and to help their student improve in their study. Following explanation will tell you a little more about multiple intelligences concept.

More about multiple intelligences, there will be more about it that we need to know. The basic concept of this the theory of multiple intelligences is that everyone has nine intelligences that can be strengthened and nurtured or even ignored. However, we need to know all of those nine intelligences before we go on further explanation of multiple intelligences. Some of those intelligences are mathematical-logical, musical, Verbal-linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic and visual-spatial.

After those several type above, there are still some more left that we will also find in several students. Interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, naturalist intelligence and existential intelligence are those others intelligences that included in those nine intelligences that stated by Gardner. Each of them has different definition as how it is categorized. Naturalist intelligence for example, it refers to the ability of nature’s object recognition and categorization. Another definition is the visual-spatial intelligence that refers to the capacity to think in images and pictures.

The theory of multiple intelligences comes with even further explanation that we need to know since it can be the theory that will help every educator. Those are above only the a simple explanation in the beginning that will only help us understand more about how it can be applied before you are ready to apply it yourself. The main point of this theory is that everyone possesses those all nine intelligences in different amount. These intelligences will define human species.

It will be that simple to understand about multiple intelligences since this is also the theory that we need to apply in classroom in order to understand the essential of how this theory will work in today’s classroom so that it will help teacher or educator improve their student’s intelligence. Though the details above do not contain everything about multiple intelligences, they will guide you to understand better about multiple intelligences theory on further explanation how such theory can be applied in classroom.

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