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Howard Gardner from Harvard Psychology is the expert who introduced the theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner said that the classical view of the people years ago; believe that the intelligence is as a unitary capacity from the logical reasoning. It means that the abstract capability is more precious. This description is in line with the theory of intelligence from Spearman. Spearman said that the intelligence is a power of mental where it can be improved when the intellectual activity is in progress.

So, here the intelligence is the power or ability to solve the problems. Any problems can be solved well based on the person’s ability that is the intelligence. Then what about multiple intelligences? Gardner said that, there are some intelligence that can be in one person has. But sure, at the progress it can be less and more. Gardner said that there are seven intelligences in every person at least where at the fact it can be more or less. It depends on the ability of the person in solving the problems.

First is visual patial intelligence. In this intelligence the person has the ability to capture the visual information. Then they will transform and modify what they have seen before and they will reshape what they see with their own description and without the original shape that they have capture. So, here the visual intelligence should be important.

Second is  linguist intelligence. Here, the person has the ability about the language structure such phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatic. The person in this intelligence can think faster in the line of words. It means that they can respond in fast from what they are learning by the words or language. The explanation of something will be much better for the person with this intelligence.

Third is logical mathematical intelligence. Here, the person will more understand when the explanation is in the form of reasoning, logic, and also the mathematical figures. Here all the logics, reasoning and also the mathematical figures will be used to get the information.

Fourth is kinesthetic intelligence. Here the ability is about controlling the body movement. They love to express themselves by the body movements.

Fifth is musical intelligence. Here, the individual will more understand from the explanation through sound or voice.

Sixth is interpersonal intelligence. Here, the person can understand about the relationship of other people.

Seventh is intrapersonal intelligence. Here, it is about their own feeling to express what they are feeling. Such the expression of sick and happy will be different.

Eight is naturalist intelligence. Here, it is about ability to observe something  such as animals, plants, nature,  space and surrounding environment.

Ninth is existential intelligence. Here, it is related to understanding on identity or self existence as human which later emerge many questions inside self.

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