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Howard Gardner (1993) has told us about the multiple intelligence of every person including the children. Interpersonal is one of the multiple intelligence by Gardner. Interpersonal intelligence can be developed therefore the one can be more success and more ready to survive. For the children or students the parent will more understand about the character of the children therefore, it will make the parents or teacher to know the right methods of study or learning that will be given.

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability for somebody to build a good relation with other people. Here, it is about the good socialization, creating the bond of friendship, introducing self to other people. Not all people have the high self-confidence to be open with other people. Therefore, the one with this intelligence will build their relationship and friendship with other people easily. As the result, this person can have many friends and sure they are also the people with a high appreciation or empathy for others.

The important point of this interpersonal intelligence is about building a strong bond of corporation with other people. So, if you are a manager and find the employee with this character, you can place them as a negotiator, marketing, or other staff where it needs a good skill of communication and self-confidence to convince other people to deal with their idea. There are some fundamental reasons of this intelligence. They are building the social life, assisting the success of the work and sure manage the emotions.

There are some methods of building and developing this interpersonal intelligence. First, it about understands other people feeling. You can also say it is as empathy. By creating the empathy feeling you can feel the other people’s feeling. For example when the other people look need a help, you will not think twice to help them. Second, you can also make friend with other people easily. Making friends with other people is not easy for some people especially for them who don’t have this intelligence.

Therefore, to build and develop this intelligence, try to make friends as many as you can. This will create the strong bond and growing the empathy feeling at the future. Third is, try to be more patient on the queue line and sure cooperation. This character is built to be open with other people. The last is, try to solve problems by yourself. For kids or children these fourth characters can be trained from the earlier time to build this intelligence.

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